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Alignment Day

The alignment day is one of the most powerful and decisive coaching days that any director or high ranking professional can invest in.

For a whole day, you will be coached completely un-disturbed, one to one with us. We start the day off looking at what drives you and what you are wanting to achieve. From that we drill down and find out how we are going to get your there, we lay out your entire business infront of us working back from the goals we set.

On completing the alignment day, you shall leave with a new sense of clarity and a plan to take charge and achieve what you want!

You will be covering:

  • Alignment of you, your business and your coach
  • Work book to align the day
  • Agenda of what you want to achieve through the year – 18 mths Alignment questionnaire completed and discussed
  • Personal and Business goals – 12 months
  • Start of 90 day plan
  • Knowledge and guidance and expectations of you and your coach A new vision and plan for the business

Be x Do = Have, we work out what you want to be, we look at what you need to do, you then achieve the have.

Alignment days are £1997+ vat, lasts all day and includes hot drinks and lunch.

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