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Since 1999
we have worked with business owners to help them grow and thrive. We will get you on a journey to owning a business that has real value when it comes time to sell and retire.

Business Coach

More time
to spend indulging in new hobbies or spending time with your family is what our business coaching can help you do. Go from working 90-hour weeks to as little as 10 hours!

Business Coach

17 Weeks
is how long we guarantee it’ll take to produce results for your business. If you make less money than what you spend with us, your coaching is FREE.

Meet Peter and Janelle

Business Coach

1:2:1 Business Coaching FOR YOU

With over 19 years of experience as business growth experts, Peter and Janelle O’Keeffe not only know how to run a successful business but also build it to a level where your constant involvement isn’t required. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve their goals.

‘Change your mind, change your business’ is our core principle. What this means is that you will gain an understanding of yourself as a person and business owner, along with the knowledge on how to grow and run a successful business. Our bespoke collaboration can change your life by helping to grow your business, whilst giving you more time for yourself.

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Don’t just take our word for it
Here is what some of our previous clients have to say about their experience…

“I was driving into the work this evening, digesting everything that I’ve learned from both of you and I realised that your coaching has turned me from someone who believed they were pretty doomed as a business owner, into someone who is excited and energised in my business future.
I always knew I was good at what I do, but was floundering in how to make my talent work as a structured, profitable business. Your coaching filled that hole and your engaging, interactive methods of teaching showed me how ownership, accountability and responsibility underpins everything. 
You have astounded me, empowered me and galvanised me into action and I cannot thank you enough.
Your coaching is truly exceptional.”

“After having coaching from Pete & Janelle for 5 months, we haven’t looked back.

Although we still have the rest of our journey to go, we have come such a long way with them and have every confidence in them to see us through to our destination.

Their mantra of “change your mind, change your business” has proved to be the core principle of what has changed for us, and their understanding of us as persons and our business has proved invaluable.”