90 Day Planning

Join a group of business professionals who get together every 90 days to learn new business development skills AND design a 90 day plan for their business in order to grow.

On a Planning Day, you can expect to learn up to date business acceleration techniques, reflect on your previous quarter and most importantly, plan your next 90 days.

You will benefit from

  • Confidence to make the next step in business success
  • Ideas on solving problems within your business
  • Group thoughts on ideas you may have
  • A solid 90 day plan to work towards
  • 2 professional business trainers to help you work everything out
Existing Clients:  £147.00 + VAT for 2 people
Prospective Clients:  £197 + VAT for 2 people from the same business
Extra team members:  £47.00 + VAT per person (Client or Prospective Client)
Offer for 1st time participants:  £97.00 + VAT for 2 people from the same business.
I can do this, and I don’t feel so weighed down and despondent. Breaking things down by category into the 90 day plan, I can see the individual tastings so much better.
Business is not all “lunch” and can be achieved with good communication. Be open to good advice.
I now have belief in myself and my goals. I know my next 30 days, and i realise what is important to me right now. I like being held accountable to my pledge letter.
Feel more clear on the direction of the business as a result of the day
Useful day and get your thinking to a deeper level.  Good to be out of the business environment to do this
Pete displays a passion for our business and our plan which instills confidence into myself and my colleagues
Valuable day in which a busy business owner can stop working in the business and spend the day being creative on the business
A well organised, well delivered and very useful day.  Would hightly recommend it to any new or existing business.  Thoroughly enjoyed it, a great venue also
Tim (plumber)
We have come away with a clear manageable action plan.  We feel excited
Imogen & Duncan (Food Industry)
Excellent presenters, friendly, knowledge and supportive.  Gave me a great amount of enthusiasm to carry this strategy forward
Glen (Bespoke software development)
A welcome time away from my business workplace to review and consider my actions and my plans through the support of Pete
Gary (Corporate Events)
The Growth Club Day with Pete was enjoyable, interesting, well put together and above all else very worthwhile
Chris ( Financial Services Industry)
Pete is very good at brining business management into focus and reminding you of some important but overlooked truths
Ann (Legal Services)
Don’t just see lots to do as a great big lump, it can be broken down and plotted out to a chive in manageable amounts.  Im using the default diary and integrating my diaries and other ‘productivity apps’ together.  I can do this, and not feel so weighed down and despondent.
Jacinta B
Business is not all luck, it can be achieved with good guidance.  However you must be open to good advice.
Phil R
Loved it.  The time flew by.   I liked the default diary idea and the value of the 90 day plan.
Tim B
Goals and 90 day plan is very helpful.   It’s nice to know that as a company we are not alone and other business owners are having similar difficulties.
Terry W
Small steps in our 90 day plan that are now achievable and not daunting.  The default diary to give an exact time and day to put aside and carry out certain chores.  We need to Test and Measure – Immediately
Rachel R
I now know not to advertise with radio and paper!  I loved the default diary and for a healthy business i must give consistent delivery.
David R
Planning/goals is key.  You need to know where you are going to get there.  Small changes can make big differences.  I need to make more time for me!
Wendy W
Realising what is important to me right now, and knowing my next 30 days.  It’s scary being held to  y pledge letter!
Mike S
More focus on what i need to achieve in bite sized chunks, and the importance of rewarding myself and my team for a job well done.  I need to hurry up and do it now.
Phil H
Thank you very much. I have more focus on what i need to achieve in bite sized chunks. I realise the importance of rewarding myself and myself for jobs well done.
Small steps to our 90 day plan are now achievable and not daunting. I need to Test and Measure immediately.
It wasn’t just information – it was action. Loved it, the time flew by. I now understand the 3 ares of business, the default diary and the 90 day plan.
Growth Club let me interact with other business owners. I was very happy with the course, it has been informative.The 90 day plan I believe is going to be very helpful, and i know now how to work our “margins” for my business.
I liked the one to one embrace, support and encouragement. For a healthy business I must provide consistent delivery.
Pete and Janelle are a wonderful couple, who make it feel less of a chore and more of a creative session coming to their coaching sessions. Everything was explained in ‘layman’ terms. If I still didn’t get it, it was then explained simply and assistance given. Small changes can make big differences. You need too know where you’re going to be able to get there.
W Woods


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