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Employee Engagement Course

Just 14% of employees in the UK are engaged. This is a crisis, with serious and potentially lasting repercussions for your business.

Though companies and leaders worldwide recognise the advantages of employee engagement, the rate of it has hardly budged in well over a decade.

Our 12-week employee engagement training course has been developed to improve and maximise the potential of your entire team and increase their performance and productivity alongside the business owners (or move the employees on, because it becomes very apparent, very soon, if they are not engaged).

We are Certified Engage and Grow Employee Engagement specialists.

Our Staff Engagement Training covers:

  • Collective buy-in & accountability
  • Growth of individual behaviours
  • Shared stories to ensure human understanding
  • Client and staff engagement strategy
  • Brand awareness and social responsibility

  • Unearth creative thinking and innovation
  • And much more…

Here’s what a recent client had to say…

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White Belt programme 5 hours

An impactful programme for 5 – 35 employees. You can ‘dip your toe in the water’ and experience the impact of engage and grow. The workshop activates participants to act and think innately about the business.

Green Belt programme 1 hour every week for 6 consecutive weeks duration

The 6 step programme is delivered one hour per week over 6 weeks. It is the foundation programme, providing traction and momentum, in your business, by changing behaviours and creating more ownership.

Red Belt programme 1 hour every week for 12 consecutive weeks duration

The 12 step signature programme is delivered one hour per week over 12 weeks. It provides outstanding results every time, as evidenced by our pre, mid, and post programme employee engagement surveys.

Blue Belt programme 6 months duration

Engagement is like a fitness and like any fitness, it requires a maintenance regime. The programme is designed to sustain the success developed in the Red belt programme. You have run the sprint, now it’s time to lock in the changes for the future growth of your business and people.

Black Belt programme 12 month duration

The master programme takes your business to the next level. You have an engaged, profitable and committed team. Now what do you need to do to be the No. 1 in your industry. We facilitate the long term and sustainable growth programme so you can have the business of your dreams and not just a job.

Women’s programme 3, 6 or 12 months duration

The engagement and Leadership programme for women is designed to unite the workplace by developing women’s leadership skills. It is based on the Red Belt signature programme, providing traction and momentum in your business by empowering new thinking and creating more ownership.

Create, Connect, Reward 10 weeks duration managed on-line

This powerful and unique company wide programme directly impacts between 25 – 125 employees all at once over a 10 week period and indirectly, hundreds more. It will instantly create higher levels of engagement, more leaders, friendships, and dissolve silo mentality. It’s all action and managed on-line.

DO IT!!! There are many new dimensions of business which have been highlighted to me. The program is run in a very enthusiastic and organised way which makes it fun as well as professional.

Jason Murfit, Maximum Precision, UK