Get your staff on board & working for you with our Engage & Grow Program

Get more out of your staff or sales team with a Staff Training Day!

Any business that relies on a team of people to function and grow often benefit by investing in one of our staff development days. We work with our clients to form a development day that meets their needs, however, we often cover the below.

– Sales and Marketing workshops
– Leadership and leadership skills
– 16 Cylinders of high performance
– Art of Delegation
– 6 Keys to a winning team
– Creating maximum synergy throughout the team
– Engage and Grow Program
– Bespoke development days to suit the individual business we are working with.

Benefit to the Client

Aligned staff to the business owners vision for their business.  This injects or increases enthusiasm from the staff which means they are more productive giving the Business Owner a greater return in their business.
Programmes that we run are bespoke to the business owners requests, this means that the issues in the business can be addressed directly.
Our programmes can range from one-off 2-4 hour workshop style to regular on-going programs, usually 1 hr per week, creating an on-going improvement of culture and productivity in the business.
There will always be accountability from the staff to us, as coaches, to implement the changes agreed to in the programmes so that there is implementation of the change into the business after the programme and the staff are learning and implementing new skills to help themselves and the business rather than learning things that they won’t imbed to help them, as is normally the case with staff development days.
Really well presented, very nice, and they listened and took on board how we feel
Pete and Janelle made us feel welcome and injected fun into the session. They listened to everyone. I enjoyed the day and we have a plan to take forward, and we have the power to make changes that matter
Janelle and Pete deliver a fabulous training day! You will be pleased you chose them
Pete and Janelle worked well in partnership. They introduced and refreshed old skills and worked well s a team to push way forward and help develop us. It was informative, useful – in a fun light hearted way. Both provided great ways to help engage us all together
Both very approachable and knowledgeable and made us feel at ease – they were funny. I have confidence that things will change.
Keep working together, it works well. You made everyone feel at ease. You have a way to inspire people to look beyond what is happening now
They are confident with what they know and were easy to talk to. It has given me new ways of doing things and to work better as a team
I wasn’t looking forward to this training day and felt nervous. You made me feel at ease and brought out what has been bubbling underneath. No-one has done that before. Thank you
Pete and Janelle made me feel at ease and explained things in a way I understand without me asking. I’m happy I came to this training, as I was nervous and wasn’t looking forward to this, but I’m now looking forward to another one

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